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Blue Ridge Dog Chews Elk Antlers for Dogs

Elk antlers for dogs from Blue Ridge Dog Chews are the perfect natural and healthy treat for your pet. We guarantee that no elk was tickled, teased or tormented in making this gluten free natural dog chew which is long lasting and will give hours of chew time for your furry friends! Every year, elk shed their antlers which Blue Ridge Dog Chews collects and prepares into this tasty, mineral packed chew toy your dog is going to love.
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small elk antler chew medium sized elk antler treat
Small Elk Antler
Our Price: $7.99
Medium Elk Antler
Our Price: $9.99
Large Elk Antler Split
Our Price: $15.99
Small elk antler chews approx 3-4 inches long Medium sized elk antlers approx 4-5 inches long 100% renewable long-lasting chew toy L Split Elk Antler - approx 5-6 inches in length - Fat Free - American Natural Chew Toy
L antler elk extra large split elk antler dog chew XL elk antler chew for dog
Large Elk Antler
Our Price: $17.99
Extra Large Elk Antler
Our Price: $21.99
Large elk antlers are great for larger dogs - fat free and suitable for diabetic dogs - will not splinter or shatter and germ free XL Split Elk Antlers approx 6 inches in length all cut edges sanded for safety XL Elk Antler - approx 7-8 inches in length - natural dog treat
The Benefits of Elk Antlers for Dogs Include: 
Long Lasting – because elk antlers tend to be tougher than deer horn, they tend to last longer when compared to man-made chew toys. This saves you money and increases your dog’s satisfaction.
Safe – elk antlers for dogs are safe because your pet will ‘grind’ on the elk horn instead of actually chewing. This means ‘elk bones’ do not shatter or splinter like a regular bone will. Also, there is nothing harmful which can grow on the antler chew, so bacteria and germs cannot find a place to thrive which means your pet is not going to ingest something which will make them ill.
Healthy – elk antlers are a very healthy choice for a dog treat – they are packed with minerals, mostly calcium and trace minerals essential to a dog’s health such as iron, glucosamine, potassium and many others, plus they are the ideal treat for dogs with allergies or gluten intolerance.
No Artificial Ingredients – there is nothing artificial about our elk chews – we clean the antler, cut it to size and sand all the rough edges and that’s it. No artificial coloring or flavoring, no preservatives, nothing added whatsoever – just delivered to you as Mother Nature intended!
Odor Free and No Mess – because there is no ‘meat’ or pliable plastic element to the elk dog chew, there is no mess and no odor created – if the elk antler gets dirty, just rinse it off with water – no stickiness, no hair bundles, no goop and definitely no stink!