Blue Ridge Antlers for Dogs – the Natural Substitute for Dog Bones

All dogs love to chew!  It is instinctive, from the earliest puppy stage through to senior years, and we found that out with Filo, our 3 pound teacup poodle! As a young pup, Filo savaged a deer antler brought home one day and that gave us the idea behind Blue Ridge Dog Chews – the #1 organic dog treat made in the USA and the perfect substitute for dog bones and man-made chew toys.

Each year millions of elk, deer and moose shed their antlers during the winter months. We collect this bounty, sort the various antlers, clean them, cut them and sand all the rough edges for safety. That’s all we do before our antlers for dogs are ready for your pooch – no processing, no additives, no coloring, no preservatives – nothing except what Mother Nature intended.

We supply a variety of antlers for dogs to both retail customers and wholesale to pet stores and associated businesses. You can buy antlers for dogs from this website, safely and securely and we never share your information with any third parties – you deal with Blue Ridge Dog Chews and no-one else. We are committed to being the best small business to buy US made dog treats that are healthy and nutritious – that is our commitment to our own dogs, including Filo, and also to yours.

Featured Products

medium sized elk antler treat Medium-sized moose chew for dogs
Medium Elk Antler
Our Price: $9.99
Large Elk Antler Split
Our Price: $15.99
Medium Moose Antler
Our Price: $9.49
whole deer antler medium size XL elk antler chew for dog L antler elk
Medium Deer Antler
Our Price: $8.99
Extra Large Elk Antler
Our Price: $21.99
Large Elk Antler
Our Price: $17.99
XL deer antler chews made from whole antler horn large-sized whole deer antler for dogs extra large split elk antler dog chew
Extra Large Deer Antler
Our Price: $19.99
Large Deer Antler
Our Price: $12.99
Why Give Blue Ridge Organic Dog Treats to Your Dog?

Dogs are carnivores and dog bones were given to them to satisfy the urge to chew for centuries. But dog bones splinter and shatter, and while a dog’s stomach can digest bones, the sharp bone fragments are a hazard to your pet. Many owners refuse to give their dog a bone and turn to man-made substitutes, such as Nylabone and Kong toys, or meat-based products such as bully sticks. Both have their drawbacks and the search has been on for an organic, natural chew toy for your dog which is healthy, nutritious and safe.

Blue Ridge Dog Chews supplies:

•   Elk antlers – our best-selling variety with a taste most dogs like best, long-lasting
Deer antlers – tend to be cheaper than other varieties but they are usually softer which means they don’t last as long
•   Moose antlers – hard and the longest-lasting antler variety with a distinctive flavor

All Our Antler Treats Are Guaranteed Made in the USA – we typically source our antler for dogs from Montana, Colorado and Virginia. Antler is also bone, and contains a marrow too, but it is not the same as a regular dog bone – antler horn is not susceptible to splintering or shattering, and dogs tend to ‘grind’ them instead of chewing. Filo spends hours each day with her elk antlers (she prefers elk over deer, but recently she has shown a liking for our moose chews – your dog will have a preference too, so try them out with different varieties until you find their preference and taste). We also clean, sort and process our antler dog treats here in the US too, so you are 100% guaranteed of an organic dog treat Made in the USA!

Antlers For Dogs Are 100% Organic Dog Treats – there is nothing added and they are renewable as each year, moose, deer and elk grow their antlers back for the next season. We add nothing to them, so you get them without anything being added or taken away. They are also environmentally friendly and will degrade naturally if your dog doesn’t finish them or loses one.

Blue Ridge Dog Chews Do Not Smell - we’ve also found that our antler dog chews give off no odor and don’t smell when chewed. No odor – no stink – guaranteed!

Nutritious and Healthy – antler horn is biologically inert, which means there is no breeding ground or food source to allow germs to live on. This means your dog will not ingest anything harmful, such as salmonella or any other harmful bacteria. Our antler dog treats are packed with calcium and trace minerals essential for your dog’s health, including iron, potassium, glucosamine and many others. If the antler chew gets dirty, just rinse it off under water for a few seconds and you’re good to go.

No Animal is Hurt Making a Blue Ridge Antler Dog Chew – we make a joke of no elk, moose or deer being tickled, teased or tormented in making our dog treats, and we mean it. We source and supply only naturally shed antler dog treats.